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The Situation

Charitable and nonprofit organizations exist to fulfill ambitious missions and visions that work to create more healthy, equitable and prosperous communities for all. Governed by boards of directors and often stewarding donor dollars, public funds and volunteer teams to achieve their goals, these groups are required to report annually to their stakeholders on their impact and outcomes. Further, these important community organizations need to continuously steward their compelling stories to maintain and grow support. When needing to achieve these important objectives, a range of organizations serving a diversity of stakeholders, including the London Community Foundation, Anova and the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area, turn to sagecomm to help deliver those stories in relevant, inspiring and visually impactful ways.

The Solution

A potent annual report has the power not only to be a tactical review of an organization’s success but to align with an organization’s marketing and communications strategy and help connect target audiences with the important awareness and understanding that leads to positive engagement and action. The sagecomm annual report development process begins with content planning, aligning major annual milestones and activities with an organization's strategic goals. Content is then created that infuses key messages through headlines, stats and stories that communicate the organization’s vision throughout. Compelling spreads and layouts, built on the foundation of the organization’s brand system, employing custom or curated photography and layered with beautiful, modern design, are created to deliver these important messages, Finally, supporting social media graphics and other communication assets are built to ensure a report can connect sustainably to target audiences all year long. Whether focusing on a world without violence, the preservation and enhancement of Canada’s iconic mainstreet, or the stewardship of philanthropic dollars to build stronger, more inclusive communities, the results are annual reports that tell a story of impact and build sustainable support.

Delivered Services

  • Content Planning
  • Copy Development
  • Photography
  • Design & Layout
  • Social Media Content Development
stack of four annual reports
London Community Foundation - Impact Reports Banner
covers of three LCF impact reports
open LCF report with graphs and stats
open LCF report with full quote page
Anova - Annual Report Banner
Anova Cover and open 2 page quote spread
Anova vision mission core values spread
Anova Revenue and expense report
Downtown Yonge - Annual Report
Downtown Yonge two books open
Downtown Yonge - Report pages in a grid
Downtown Yonge - woman with kids photo

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